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California Criminal Law

Arson DUI - Driving Under the Influence
Assault Driving on a Suspended License
Assault with Deadly Weapon Expungement
Assault with Firearm Gun Laws
Battery Hit and Run
Battery - Aggravated Juvenile Law
Battery - Domestic Manslaughter, Involuntary
Battery - Domestic Violence Parole Hearings
Battery - Sexual Petty Theft
Bench Warrants Perjury
Concealed Weapon Possession, Controlled Substance
Disorderly Conduct Prostitution
Domestic Violence Rape
Domestic Violence - Child Abuse Residential Burglary
Domestic Violence - Child Endangerment Restraining Order
Domestic Violence - Battery School Expulsions
Drug Charges - CA Proposition 36 or "Prop 36" Sex Cases
Drug Charges - Deferred Entry of Judgement Strike Cases
Drug Charges - Drug Treatment Alternatives to Incarceration Tax Evasion
Forgery Vandalism
Drug Offenses Warrants

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